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The Beach Toys began back in 1999 and in 2014 The Beach Toys are still going strong! When original drummer Mike Sarafian had the idea to start a Beach Boys tribute band, he teamed with producer Dan Jordan to develop the idea and they came up with the name The Beach Toys. Sarafian and Jordan were responsible for getting all five members of The Beach Toys together and the group began rehearsing. Under the leadership of Sarafian and Jordan, The Beach Toys worked diligently for months studying the music of The Beach Boys so that they could recreate for their audiences that unforgettable original Beach Boys sound.

The Beach Toys had an AWESOME 2012-2013 celebrating The Beach Boys' 50 Year Reunion Tour!

We've been having a blast sharing the music of The Beach Boys with fans all around the world! Recently, we traveled to Gulfport and New Orleans! Then we toured the South Pacific again on Holland America Cruise Line. We landed in places most people have never even heard of like Tabuaeran, Rarotonga and Raiatea. We also got to see Hawaii and Tahiti on this tour. The warm reception we received from the people of the South Pacific will never be forgotten. We've been spending most of our time on dry land with corporate events, festivals, private parties and concerts for the cities of Buena Park, Altadena, Long Beach among others. We hope you'll check our calendar for upcoming shows.

The Beach Toys perform this tribute to The Beach Boys out of love and respect for The Beach Boys music and their enormous contribution to the world. 
                       The Beach Boys are FOREVER but The Beach Toys are available to play your party or event!

"Dressed in the classic striped shirts and white pants, these guys really evoked the early days of The Beach Boys !"

Jon Stebbins-Beach Boy historian

They brought back such fond memories of the old days that I was in tears when I heard them sing"

Carol Wilson Bloom-Former wife of Beach Boys' original drummer Dennis Wilson

"You guys are amazing !"

Alan Boyd Beach Boys friend / historian

"Wow what an amazing performance !"

Fred Vail- First promoter of The Beach Boys and announcer for their "Live in Sacramento" album 1964.

"You boys sound just like them! It really brought back great memories."
Peter Noone - Herman's Hermits

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